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101 Buried at Greenock Presbyterian Cemetery. Headstone no longer upright. MCQUOID, CHARLES (I2399)
102 Called Crandall, he was named in honor of the long-serving first Baptist minister at New Canaan, Joseph Crandall, and would appear to be the first of many Ryder's who were given surnames of local note worthies as Christian middle names.

He married New Canaan NB 1 Nov 1837 Esther Rider.

Crandall farmed at lot 27 New Canaan and owned two tracts of land, lot 39 in Salisbury and lot 27 in Studholm (now Havelock Parish). He is listed on the Muster Rolls of Capt Keith's Company September 28 1846. He wrote his Will 6 April 1849 when "weak in body but of sound mind and memory," naming Reuben Rider his executor, who declined to serve. He devised the western half of lot 39 to "Joseph Rider, son of Ebenezer Rider, deceased"; he gave Norman the eastern half of lot 39 and Eastman lot 27; he gave his daughter Levina 25, and his father Ebenezer "the sum of 1 per year during his natural life," and Esther "a good comfortable living out of the last described pieces of land."

Although Crandall seems to have been ill some time before his death, the story of his demise has taken on heroic proportions. Crandall was said to be a man of great strength. One day he was working on the covered bridge in Canaan, and the support gave way just as a funeral was passing. Crandall held up the bridge with his back until the cortege passed, but died later that night of internal injuries. In any event, he died 15 April 1849, aged only 35.

Crandall's wife, Esther, became Reuben Rider's second wife [see Fam#11].

References: Dana Ryder; Nellie Rider; Fremont Rider; Rowland Corey; Queen's County Probate, Will of Joseph C. Rider 6 Apr 1849, probated 1859; census 1851, '61, '71; cemetery inscription, Wheaton Settlement; story collected by Dana Ryder; R. Wallace Hale, Queens County New Brunswick Marriages, Vol A, 1812-1861. 
103 Called Emmeline Mary. May 1, 1916 at New Bandon, NB. This is the date that appears in the family bible record of her parents and three of their children. One of her children shows May 2, 1916. SMYTH, MARY EMMELINE (I476)
104 Came from Ireland in 1832.

Margaret's Last Will and Testament
Made on Oct. 9, 1890

Daughters Mary Jane Wilson (widow) and Margaret A. Ordway (wife of Charles H. Ordway) got $250 each. Daughter Elizabeth got $90. Son Alexander received $100. Unmarried daughters Elizabeth, Emma and Letitia received equal shares of ownership of the family home on south-westerly side of Queen St. Son Wm. J. got 4 acres of land on St. John Road and lots of land on corner of Water and Elizabeth Streets and on the northern angle of Montague and Adolphus Streets. Sons Robert J. and Hugh each got half of an 87 acre farm bounded by the land of Nathan J. ?Blakney? known as the ?Tupper? Farm, which was leased to Edmund ?Meagher?. All else went to daughters Emma and Letitia. 
105 Came from Ireland in 1837. Presbyterian. _____, MARY (I2289)
106 Came to America for a period of time, according to a letter to Charles McQuoid from Hugh's grandfather James. BAILIE, HUGH (I12225)
107 Charles birth according to inaccurate census is about 1802 . Family was Presbyterian. Came from Ireland in 1828. According to deeds in McQuoid files of Charlotte County Archives, bought land in 1845 from Samuel George Andrews, son of Minister Samuel Andrews, of Ministers Island fame.

Standard (Saint Andrews Newspaper)
December 7, 1859
Fire. Home of Charles McQuoid, corner Montague and Adolphus, consumed by fire.

Charles' Last Will and Testament; Margaret McQuoid Executrix, son Robert McQuoid Executor, brother-in-law William Glass co-Executor
Read and approved Sept. 10, 1887, leaves wife Margaret land in Saint Andrews on Queen Street, Water and Elizabeth Streets, Montague and Adolphus Streets and eight acres of land on the Commons. Son Charles Alexander is promised that same eight acres in the will after the death of Margaret. Charles' daughters Mary Jane Wilson, Margaret Ann Ordway, Elizabeth McQuoid and Letitia McQuoid received $50 each. Son Wm. McQuoid got $100.
Charles' land on Highland Hill, bought from Charles Rice, was ordered sold winthin 3 months of his death and the money given to Margaret. 
108 Charles died of Spinal Meningitis. WOOD, CHARLES ROBERT (I9231)
109 Charles graduated from the Technical Institute of Moncton and worked for Lockhart Woodworkers. He moved to Ontario for a short time, then returned to start Charlie's Grocery Store in Havelock. A newspaper article in 1988 reported, "Twenty-five years ago Charlie and his wife Marg started selling novelties retail in the building that was next to the one he now owns. He also included some work clothing in his initial selection. A year later in 1964, Charlie was able to buy the larger building he now owns. Charlie says, "we were always trying to find what customers wanted. For a while we were known for our generous ice cream cones, then it was the french fries. Now we concentrate on more hardware items."

References: "Charlie's Grocery - in Business for 25 years" Positive Impact June 1988. 
110 Cheryl White of Santa Barbara, CA has William John Day b. 1830 Bungay, PEI. [Lucy Fandek] DAY, WILLIAM JOHN (I3539)
111 Cheslea worked for the State Theater in Portland, ME. WALDRON, CHESLEA A. (I4289)
112 Children: No Descendants

[Picture of Norman's headstone]
Norman's gravestone is prominent in the first North River Baptist Cemetery in Wheaton Settlement New Brunswick.

By his father's will, Norman inherited the east half of lot 39 in New Canaan, and he presumably inherited lot 27 when his brother Eastman died. In the early 1860s, Norman sold these properties and moved to Wheaton Settlement NB, some fifteen miles east of New Canaan, where he purchased and operated a sawmill.

On Feb 11 1871 the Albert Baptist Church was formed at Fredericton Road, and "Mr. and Mrs. Norman Ryder" were founding members, and "Norman Ryder and Nathan Ryder were chosen deacons and Chipman, clerk."

Norman had no children of his own, but he served as foster parent for Mark and Unity Ryder (see Fams#34,35), his halfbrother and sister, and for Norman and Henrietta Sutherland (see Fams#75, 76), orphaned children of his sister Levina.

Norman was killed, it is said, by an accident at the sawmill, when a load of logs fell on him. He was only 36 years of age. He is buried in the cemetery of the First North River Baptist Church in Wheaton Settlement. His headstone is prominent there, and reads, "Norman Ryder/ April 5, 1875."

Norman's wife Permelia outlived him by more than 50 years. She married (2) Alexander Ryder, Fam#61, below.

References: Will of Joseph C. Rider written 6 Apr 1848; probate of the Will of Joseph Rider 4 Oct 1859; Dana Ryder; NB Census Wheaton Settlement 1871; a manuscript history of the Albert Baptist Church, n.d., in the possession of Dana Ryder; Cemetery inscription, First North River Baptist Church, Wheaton Settlement NB. 
113 Christened as Jacques Ritchot. NASON, RICHARD (JACQUES RITCHOT) (I13487)
114 Christy was a spinster living on Glasgow Road when she married Simon by William Hooper Esq. J.P. (Justice of the Peace). Burial records from Canada state that Christy was 79 yrs old when she died. [Lucy Fandek] MACDONALD, CHRISTY (I2456)
115 Claims to be born in Maine in 1910 census. Co-owned the boat 'Harrie' from 1864 with John Treadwell, Robert Ross and Thomas Hunt. Co-owned the 'Sarah Glass' a 73 foot two-masted schooner (85 tons) with Wiiliam Glass and Robert Glass from 1867-1890. Co-owned the 'Carrie' a 91 ton two-masted schooner (83 foot) with John Treadwell and Hugh McQuoid from 1871-?? Co-owned the 'Martha A.' a two-masted schooner of 98 foot (179 tons) with William Glass from 1875-??. In 1896 Robert is listed as a master mariner of St. Andrews. He is listed as a sawmill foreman in Tesla, California, living there from 1898-1910. The 1900 census has family living in Livermore Township, Almeda County, California. Registered voter in Murray Township 1904/08. Living on Eagle Point, Oregon May, 1912. The Treadwell brothers got Robert to sell his ship and move to Tesla, California and build the town. MCQUOID, ROBERT JOHN (I2400)
116 Claims US naturalized citizen 1899, 1900 census has him as a day laborer at mill. Norman is mentioned by brother John Treadwell McQuoid as being Tesla's mechanical engineer/blacksmith helper/machinist, living there from 1900-1906. Married Charlotte "Lottie" Perry (b. March 4, 1881) of Oregon Sept. 3, 1905 and had a daughter Norma Florence McQuoid (1936 registered Dem.) b. Feb. 2, 1910 in Tulare, San Joaquin Co. Calif. Norma married Clarion Travis Wood Sept 4, 1937. Norman and Lottie were registered Oakland, Calif. Republicans from 1908-1936 and Progressive Republicans 1936-1938.

Charlotte Perry was the daughter of Martin Wilson Perry - Civil War vet. (b. Jan 10, 1843 d. Dec 28, 1884) and Susan Senger (b. Sept. 5, 1849 d. Jan 29, 1937) who married on Oct. 5, 1866 in Butte Falls, OR. Lottie died at Contra Costa, Calif. Feb. 4 of 1968 or 1969. 
117 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I30)
118 Clifford was a stationary engineer. He was also a member of the K.K.K. DYER, ELIZABETH MAE (I9018)
119 Connie Irene McQuoid Sweeney dau. of Hope & Nellie (Farmer) McQuoid wife of Murray Sweeney? [Jason Curry from Obit] MCQUOID, CONTANCE IRENE (I12231)
120 Constance never married; her obituary reads, "Miss Ryder attended local schools and was a graduate of Portland High School Assistant Administrator of Planning, Research and Analysis of the Small Business Administration." She is buried in Brooklawn Memorial Park Portland.

References: Obituary, "Miss V. Constance Ryder" n.d. 
121 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I9222)
122 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I333)
123 Dana relates that the family "moved to the States in 1893. Roland worked for the Linn Woolen Company in Hartland, ME, and later moved to Portland where he was employed as a machinist. In 1920 he came to Lincoln, ME and worked as a carpenter." His death announcement referred to his "genial personality and sterling character."This family can be followed to the present in Dana Ryder files.

References: Dana Ryder, NBHavelock census 1891; Probate of Manassah Ryder estate, Kings Co 17 Apr 1889; death announcement Roland M Gesner 
124 Dana relates, "Joseph and Jane made the well-known Cochrane Donuts on Boothey Avenue in South Portland." RYDER, ELIZA JANE (I4097)
125 Dana relates, "Pem spent his early years around New Canaan. He served in the Canadian Army in WWI, was wounded, and returned to civilian life in 1919. He then worked for the Canadian National Railways." RYDER, ARTHUR PEMBROKE (I4101)
126 Dana relates, "Simeon was granted 100 arces of land on Springhill, 2 July 1853, but lost his land to John Perry to a debt. He then moved to Salem and lived with Daniel Perry, his father-in-law."

Tamzin is recalled as "a very colorful lady, who always wore a bonnet with a lace around it. She smoked a clay pipe and had her own spitoon," now in the possession of Dana Ryder. In her old age she was cared for in Havelock NB by her daughter Mary Ann and her husband Harding Kierstead.

Simeon and Tamson are buried in the Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery, New Canaan; their tombstone reads: "Blessed are the dead/ who live in the Lord/ In Memory of/ Simeon Ryder/ who died/ Dec 27 1882/ aged 63 years" and on the reverse: "Tamzin/ His Wife/ Died March 4, 1907/ aged 81 years."

References: Dana Ryder; NBHavelock census 1871, Studholm census 1851. 
127 Dana reports, "Arthur worked around the Canaan area in the woods. He was much older than May, as she was called. After he died she married Walter Mills." RYDER, NETTIE MAY (I4051)
128 Dana reports, "Laura owned the Victoria Rest Haven at 137 Nichols Street, Norwood, MA. It was the former Morrill homestead, and Laura turned it into a nursing home in 1932." RYDER, LAURA (I4064)
129 Dana reports, "Stephen farmed and had a team of horses and worked in the woods with them. When the Havelock Cement Plant started in 1950, he went to work there."

References: Dana Ryder; Obituary of Mrs. Olive Burgess; Obituary of Mrs. B. M. Keith. 
130 Dana says, "He worked in the woods, farmed also, and did some carpentry. It is said he gave a good days work. They lived in the old Sharpe home in Canaan, which is still standing. It is in rough shape with trees growing all around. One end of it was the old Canaan School house, the first one built in Canaan." They had one son, who lived in Fredericton NB.

References: Dana Ryder; Wilmont Brown; NBHavelock census 1901 T6441. 
131 Dana says, "Walter bought fresh produce at Grand Lake NB, and sold in the Moncton area. He owned a store in New Canaan for several years. He loved hunting and fishing." RYDER, WALTER LORNE (I4169)
132 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I10)
133 Dana writes, "Allen Killiam was a boiler engineer. He also owned race horses, and loved racing." RYDER, VIOLET LENA (I4166)
134 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4373)
135 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I14866)
136 Delbert moved to Portland ME in the 1920s. He worked first for the Portland Terminal, and later owned his own barber shop in Libby Town Portland ME for over 30 years. RYDER, DELBERT WARREN (I4103)
137 Despite three marriages, there were no children. RYDER, STELLA GOLDIE (I3981)
138 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I4732)
139 Died "aged 8 yrs 10 mo." SAUNDERS, MARIA (I2760)
140 Died "aged six months." RYDER, DANIEL E. (I4224)
141 Died after giving birth to Claude Edwin Hahn in 1925. MCQUOID, MARGARET GERALDINE (I2267)
142 Died aged 16. RYDER, SARAH (I2652)
143 Died aged one week. RYDER, RAYMOND LARUE (I4650)
144 Died as a young child. SMITH, THOMAS NATHAN (I12336)
145 Died as a young child. SMITH, ALLAN (I12337)
146 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I14974)
147 Died as an infant. RYDER, (child) (I5146)
148 Died as an infant. RYDER, (child) (I5147)
149 Died at "1 year 7 months." RYDER, THEODORE LEE (I4171)
150 Died at 32 Glen Avenue, Arlington, MA. Married at 580 Tremont Street, Boston, MA. SULLIVAN, JOSEPH RUSSELL (I13005)

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